Mahragan AlKeraza 2019

PA Diocese Coptic Orthodox Churches

Arts Rules

This competition is for participants in KG, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th, 9th-12th, College Students and Adults.


This competition is intended to foster artistic creativity within a Christian context while competing with other Mahragan participants.


  • Choose one of the projects below and make sure to relate it to the theme of the Mahragan 2019,” Arise and Build”.
    • Dry Media:Any two-dimensional work done with dry media such as pencil, pastel, crayon, charcoal, etc. or combination done on paper or other flat surfaces.
    • Oil/Acrylic Painting:Any oil based or synthetic based (such as acrylic or alkyd) painting done on a two-dimensional surface such as canvas or hardboard (No Bristol Boards).
    • Photography:Any image created using camera, whether film or digital. Images must be printed on paper no smaller than 8×10 inches.
    • Sculpture/Carving:Three-dimensional sculptural work created by carving or modeling. May be figurative or non-figurative. These kind of projects must be sturdy, properly structured and able to free stand, the overall mark will be negatively affected if the structure is weak & flimsy.
    • Wet Media Painting:Any water based media such as transparent watercolor, opaque watercolor, water based tempera or any combination of these done on a two-dimensional surface. Includes acrylic thinned down to the consistency of watercolor done on paper (No Bristol Boards).
    • Woodwork:Wood pieces formed by the use of mechanical aids such as saws, sanders, etc. This includes furniture, musical instruments, tools, toys, etc… whether functional or decorative.
    • Handcraft:Any handmade item with artistic emphasis that does not fit into any other category such as mosaic, stained glass or pottery paint.
  • All art projects must be the original work of the participant and should reflect his or her creative ability and cannot include any printed or copied images from books, magazines, catalogues, newspapers, the internet etc..
  • All work must be done by the participant. Grades will be negatively affected if the work is clearly not at the level of the participant.
  • The participant(s) are required to commit to all art competition deadlines, Failing to do so will result on rejecting their submission.
  • Picture of your Art is due by 07/21/2019 and should be submitted here with your name, church name, your grade. There will be no exceptions for art submissions after this date.